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YX 160cc engine

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YX 160cc engine,
Strong and reliable one cylinder 4-stroke replacement engine, suited for pitbike tuning or other mini/midi bikes.
Will fit almost all small Honda bikes.

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YX 160cc engine, YX160 1. Type: 4-stroke, Oil Cooling, single cylinder, manual clutch, horizontal 2. Bore × stroke: 60×57 3. Actual Displacement: 160ml 4. Compression Ratio: 10.0: 1 5. Min. Power/rpm: 10.2KW/9500r/min 6. Max.Net Power/rpm: 9.5KW/9000r/min 7. Max. torque/rpm: 11.5N.m/7500r/min 8. Min. Fuel Consumption : ≤367g/KW.h 9. Ignition advance angle: BTDC 15º±2º 10. Valve clearance: 0.05mm 11. Fuel Grade: 90# and above GB484-89 12. Engine Oil Grade: API SAE 15W/40-SF 13. Engine Oil Consumption Rate: ≤ 10g/KW.h 14. Transmission Ratio: Primary: 3.722(18/67) 1gear: 3.272(11/36) 2gear: 1.937(16/31), 3gear: 1.350(20/27) 4gear: 1.043(23/24) 15. Type of Spark plug: A7TC 16. Gap of Spark plug: 0.6-0.7 17. Ignition: CDI 18. Clutch: multi-plate oil bath, Manual 19. Air Filter: Paper Filter 20. Lubrication: pressure and splash, max oil pressure 12kg.f 21. Engine Oil Capacity: 950ml 22. Starting: kick start at any gear 23. Sizes(mm) 460mm*300mm*260mm 24. Net Weight: 23±1Kg

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