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This Light Bore High Performance Fuel Injector looks exactly the same as your genuine MSX125 fuel injector, and you only can see, or better said, feel, the difference once you have installed it on your MSX125 in combination with the Yuminashi 145cc Light Bore Piston set (to bore your genuine 125cc cylinder up to 145cc), or with the full 150cc light bore cylinder kit.

This injector is not mentioned to be installed in the 31mm throttle body, but very simply to replace your genuine 125cc injector in your genuine 125cc manifold.

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Like this you don't need to buy any electronic device for your PGM-FI to upgrade your stock 125cc until a light bore 145cc or 150cc. If you install this injector in your bike, then keep in mind that your ECU must get used to it. Normally its will take 5 to 10Km until your computer will be auto-adjusted to the new injector. *Keep also in mind that the genuine MSX/GROM air filter box is a serious restrictor which will make it almost impossible to make more as 8.000RPM's. If you install our Light bore fuel injector in combination with an original K&N filter or a stack on your genuine 25mm PGM-FI throttle body, then your engine will have no issue with breathing above the 8.000RPM's with the 143cc/150cc Light Bore Kits. **You can use the Light Bore High Performance Fuel Injector on a full stock engine, but we recommend to change at least the 34T rear sprocket in to a 36T rear sprocket. Your engine will be able to make more RPM's with the new injector, but because the overdrive on the genuine 4th gear is such a large overdrive (24/26 gear sprockets), you need to make at least your final drive combination lighter. Our maximum top speed with this setup in perfect conditions without any headwind on a full stock engine and a stock exhaust system was 117Km/h (8.750RPM) and 127Km/h (9.500RPM) with a special exhaust system. Please notice that these results are impossible to gain with a normal straight-up driving position or with the slightest bit of wind because of the large 4th gear overdrive. **Keep in mind that the first step, before you start to tune your engine up with a light bore kit, big bore kit or super bore kit, should be changing the MSX125/GROM's large overdrive characteristic (24/26T - 0.923) in to a mild overdrive or even in to a sports gear. Ask your Yuminashi dealer for sprocket set 23471-K26-025 to turn your 4th gear in to a mild overdrive (24/25 - 0.960). You don't need to change your genuine 34T rear sprocket once the 25T gear sprocket is installed.

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