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Yuminashi Honda MSX 31mm Throttle body

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● The 3-Sensor YUMINASHI 31mm PGM-FI Throttle Body (MAP sensor (Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor), IAT Sensor (Air Intake Sensor) with TP Sensor (Throttle Position Sensor) is mentioned to bring your 2-sensor genuine European MSX125 or Japanese / American GROM PGM-FI system to a higher level and ready to be used to get the best optimal performance out of your engine.

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This set comes complete with all sensors installed inclusive the appropriate wire loom to make the whole set plug & play ready to be installed on your European MSX125 or Japanese/American GROM125.. The venturi from this PGM-FI throttle body is machined in to a stack, to optimise and to achieve an improved velocity. The entire inside of the throttle body is mirror shine polished. If you install this 31mm throttle body on a 150cc light bore kit together with the appropriate camshaft in combination with the 38772-K26-000 Yuminashi Tune-Up ECU Corrector (which will eliminate the original RPM cut and makes it possible to fine-tune with a small screw driver your PGM-FI system and ignition advance), then you will fiend out that your MSX/GROM really will come to life!

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