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This Yuminashi nylon roller weight set which is produced at the PAYU company in Japan includes 6 roller weights (6x10gr.) and is a really nice value for money product!

These rollers can be installed in all first generation HONDA PCX125 engines, and in all next generation HONDA eSP engines like:

- HONDA PCX125 V2&V3

- HONDA PCX150 V1&V2





- HONDA LEAD125, etc...

The 10gr roller weights can be used on stock 125cc and 150cc engines for city traffic or longer distances at top speed where the top speed will be higher as with your stock roller weights, and it will be easier to reach top speed each and every time once these are installed.

With these 10gr roller weights the RPM's while driving at a very slow traffic jam speed are very well balanced.

If you have a brand new 150cc engine in your bike, then the 10gr roller weights are the way to go, they will give you very good acceleration and you will able to reach top speed each and every time.

If your engine is not that new again, and the compression is not anymore as what it was brand new, then the 9gr rollers will be a better option for you.

If you are not sure which weights to use on your stock 125cc or 150cc engine, then a suggestion is to order 1 set with 8gr roller weights and 1 set with 10gr roller weights.

With these 2 roller weight sets you can try 3 different combinations then which are 6x8gr, 6x10gr and a 3x8+3x10gr combination which would be a very good idea to do with a 125cc engine.
If you have a 150cc engine, then it would be a good idea in your search for the right balance to order 1 set with 9gr rollers and 1 set with 10gr roller, like this you can also make a 3x9+3x10gr combination.

If you have a stock 125 or 150cc engine you should not think about going heavier as 10gr roller weights....

If you have a 164cc kit or a higher cylinder displacement installed on your engine then you should use 12gr roller weights.

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