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Takegawa Cone Oval Full exhaust muffler, for Honda MSX/Grom

Noise close : 83dB
Government authentication Muffler
Silencer employs a unique cone shape scarf end based on stainless steel oval type. Muffler replacement when the silencer on vehicle impact, enhance the custom image.
Again, pull the engine performance by replacing, at high rpm, output up to.
The directing the exhaust sound sound silencer internal to adopt special structures in, and then reduce the volume increase due to aging, good material.

2010 Certification testing of the new system and get the certification by the Government for peace, can enjoy the muffler replacement.
* Government authentication muffler cleared the standards our customers can use on public road. Government authentication is limited to normal engine.
* Muffler fitted during the heat guard is gone, so in the SP takegawa tandem running is not recommended.

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€ 344,00